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We are a specialist health, safety, security and environmental risk consultancy specialising in full-service solutions. Through vision, understanding and strategic thinking we help businesses achieve safe, secure, reliable and sustainable operations.

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Mirabusiness is a specialist independent consultancy that combines innovation with integrity, integrates support and unites operational and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end tailored solutions for our clients. Our experienced management team accommodates client specific goals, stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements by providing comprehensive strategies designed to reduce corporate risk, mitigate safety and security threats and minimise environmental impacts.

What we do

Through the implementation of personalised management systems we assist in the successful integration of risk reduction and compliance management into the core areas of our clients' business. Our systems are tailored to each clients specific needs based on their individual context, scope and risk reduction strategies. We are pragmatic and practical in providing advice and remain flexible and helping our clients' achieve there corporate and operational objectives.


There are no guarantees when it comes to the health, safety and security of personnel within organisations, unless everyone is applying the necessary control measures to reduce or mitigate potential risks and hazards that maybe present.

Health & Safety Management

Businesses must take a systematic approach in managing their health and safety requirements, including their legal, moral and financial responsibilities.

Security Management

Security Management is vital to the strategic security of organisations. It protects a businesses physical, financial well-being and reputation.

Environmental Management

Environmental protection and sustainability are now key factors in business. In order for organisations to meet their legal requirements they must understand their environmental risks.

Quality Management

Quality Management helps organisations meet the needs of their customers, stakeholders as well as regulatory requirements related to their products or services.

Food Safety Management

Food safety is becoming more and more important as customers demand safe food and food processors require that ingredients obtained from their suppliers is safe.

Audit Programmes

Organisations should implement best practice by conducting planned audit programmes, taking into consideration the status and importance of the services and products they provide.

Business Resilience & Continuity

An organisations' resilience and continuity approach encourages them to look beyond risk management towards the health and success of their business.

Risk & Crisis Management

Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessesing and prioritising risks associated with a process, project, services or product.

Change the way you manage your business

Our programmers design and develop Integrated Management Systems (IMS) that enable businesses to improve communications, reduce risks, streamline processes, increase performance and minimise down-time while reducing unnecessary overheads.

Our Online Solutions

Our business systems help improve the visibility and control of your business processes, helping to ensure that your business differentiate you from the competition.

Website Design & Hosting

Our designers use cutting edge technology and best practice to create websites that increase user engagement and profitability.

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What we specialise in

Health and Safety Services and Management | Security Services and Management | Environmental Services and Management | ISO 22301 Business Resilience and Continuity | ISO 31000 Risk Management Systems | Crisis and Emergency Management | ISO 45001, 14001, 9001, 22000 Auditing | Safety and Security Surveys / Inspections | Development of Policy and Procedures | Accident and Incident Investigations | Design and Development of Online Business Management Systems


Compliance and risk are always a challenge. Ensuring a balance is maintained is more important and ever with overlapping regulatory regimes extending their reach across multiple sectors.

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